As the end of the year approaches, you may want to start thinking about summer activities to improve your child’s memory. During the summer, many students forget what they spent the entire year learning. From vowel sounds to simple math, a child will forget a majority of what they learned because he or she isn’t doing it every day. Even if your child is going into kindergarten from preschool, it’s a good idea to take the time to help your child learn during the summer. It might not seem like the best way to spend summer break with your child, but in the long run, it will help them. One of the best ways to help your child retain what they learned all year long is by improving your child’s memory. At Ivy League Preschool Academy, we strive to give our students the tools to excel and strengthen their memory so they are successful.

Three Ways To Improve Your Child’s Memory

By strengthening your child’s memory with these three methods, they’ll understand more, remember material, and learn at a higher rate. The summertime is one of the best times to forget material, which is why so many kids struggle when they come back to school after a lengthy time away. Currently, your child’s memory is developing rapidly due to their sponge-like brains. When you implement important learning techniques and habits, your child will carry those methods with them for the remainder of their lives.


The trick to helping your child learn is to ensure they don’t realize they are learning. Visualization skills will help your child imagine the picture in his or her mind when they read or hear something. When your child is able to visualize what they are hearing, they’ll be able to strengthen their memory and their ability to problem solve. For example, if you put five apples on the table and ask your child how many would there be if three were taken away he or she will visualize the change in the number of apples. In addition, you can use photographs for visualization purposes as well as drawings your child creates to ensure they are able to accurately visualize a situation.


As your child grows, you’ll realize that he or she teaches you as much as you teach them. A give and take situation helps your child to not only understand sharing it will also help your child learn and memorize. Instead of reading to your child at night, ask your child to read to you. If your child enjoys doing an activity such as drawing, then have your child explain how to draw to you. By having your child teach you, you’re able to help your child memorize as well as learn how to help others.

Play Cards

There are many card games out there from Uno to Go Fish as well as memorization games. Teach your child – or have your child teach you – a new fun game that helps them remember. War is a great game to play because you begin to cycle through the same cards after a while. You can also play memory games with cards by shuffling the deck and asking your child which card is where.

These three methods to improve your child’s memory will help your child’s brain sustain knowledge while maintaining a fun atmosphere. When your child has a stronger memory, they can learn more, remember more, and become a stronger student. Enroll your student today in our preschool to properly prepare them for kindergarten.