It’s important to help children build a foundation for learning when they are young. However, young children learn differently than older children, so it’s necessary to have teachers who know how to work with young minds. Luckily, at Ivy League Academy, we have expert, professional staff members with years of experience who can provide your little one with everything they need to learn and grow. From small class sizes to learning environments that are perfect for children, we have it all. If you are ready to enroll in our preschool education program, contact Ivy League to schedule a tour!

Why Choose Ivy League Academy?

At Ivy League Academy, we not only have highly trained teachers who have years of experience working with children, but we also offer classrooms that create a safe and enjoyable place for learning. We understand that not every child learns the same way, and we strive to keep class sizes small so that our teachers have the opportunity to give each child the attention they need.

When you choose Ivy League Academy in Port St. Lucie, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Contact us using our online form to receive more information and schedule a tour.

We look forward to meeting you!