Ivy League Academy’s programs offer parents and children a unique educational experience from infant care and Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program to private education for grades K through 8. We also offer before- and after-school programs, as well as winter, spring, and summer camps or summer school.

Ivy League Academy helps your child grow and learn from the earliest stages of development all the way through their primary education. Whether it’s rolling over for the first time, learning to walk, forming a sentence, or learning about the solar system, our dedicated educators are here to assist your child in their lifelong love of learning.

When you enroll at Ivy League Academy, you can rest assured that our private and preschool teachers will be there to help make every moment a teachable one for your child. We want to help your little one become a successful student through motivation and encouragement to be their very best.

We offer full- and part-time early child development programs, as well as other flexible preschool programs and private school education.

Ivy League Academy: A New State-of-the-Art Private School

Kindergarten – Eighth Grade
2.5 Acre Campus – One Point of Secure Access Entry – Technology in Every Classroom
Low Teacher to Student Ratio – Small Class Sizes – No Teacher Workdays or Early Release Days
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