Despite the busy holiday season, it is beneficial to continue strengthening your child’s learning capabilities over winter break. To help boost your child’s IQ and learning skills it is best to help your child continue learning in fun and innovative ways over break. Preschool is a time to help your child establish the very basis of their learning capabilities, which is why sending your child to the Ivy League Preschool Academy, a preschool in Port St. Lucie, FL, will help strengthen their learning skills. Start the fundamental learning skills for your child as early as possible to ensure a lifetime of progressive learning skills. For a beneficial early childhood education, enroll your child at the Ivy League Preschool.

Memory Games

Try to incorporate memory games this holiday season into your child’s day. Take some time from your busy day and play a memory game with your child. You can get creative and create your own or you can challenge your child’s memory with many different verbal and visual games to strengthen the memory. For your own game take some kitchen utensils, toys, or cards, and put them in a specific way, then give your child time to memorize where everything is and then challenge them. If your child doesn’t like games, read him or her a story and ask them to put it in their own words.

Cooking And Baking

Encourage your child to help with cooking and baking instead of sitting in front of the television or IPad. Ask your child to join you in the kitchen and together you can measure out the ingredients for cookies, pies, and other yummy treats. In addition to helping your child’s math skills, it will give him or her a love of cooking and baking. You’ll be able to create fond memories with your child and help them learn to count, add, and the basics of cooking and baking.

Talk To Your Child

Help to build your child’s vocabulary, confidence, and IQ by talking to them. Talk to your child about anything and everything. When you encourage your child to talk more you are helping him or her build their language skills. If your household speaks a language other than English, speak to them in that language too.

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