When your child is young, they have an untapped desire to explore everything and anything around them. For this fact alone, it’s important to encourage your child to ask questions, explore the unknown, and encourage a love of creativity and exploration. At the Ivy League Preschool in Port St. Lucie, we offer an extensive curriculum; however, we think it’s also important to allow your child’s curiosity and creativity to blossom. This is why we provided three sensory activities to try with your child. Sensory activities allow your child to stimulate your child’s mind with the five senses and encourage your child to explore, create, and use the scientific process to come to conclusions by themselves. This age is when a majority of the learning processes begins to take place, which is why it’s so important to allow your child to investigate, ask questions, and play. If you’re interested in enrolling your child at Ivy League Preschool, call (772) 785-6505 for more information.

Mud Painting

Encourage your child to get a little dirty! Mud painting can be a fun activity to give your child the opportunity to be creative and do something all kids love to do: get dirty. Make sure to do this activity outside, but this one is left up to you. You can use an easel, just a piece of paper, or even encourage your child to paint with their feet.

Frozen Treasure Find

Essentially, this activity is a treasure hunt in a piece of ice. Take a few little trinkets such as foam animals, stickers, pompoms, etc. and add them to empty yogurt containers to freeze. Once the little pieces are frozen, then you take an ice cream bucket and place all of the frozen little cubes with the trinkets at the bottom before you freeze the big one. Once everything is frozen, the kids can ‘go on a treasure hunt’ to find all of the items. To defrost the ice you can use spray bottles. To add more creativity you can add layers.

Rainbow Fluff

This is done by using foamy soap dispensers, liquid soap, and water colors. Let your child or children play and see the different colors the soap will spew out. This activity will encourage the knowledge of colors, an exploration of what happens when you press a button, and encourage art with the designs and colors you can combine.