At Ivy League Preschool Academy, we want to share with you some helpful learning activities to try with your child. When your child is at an impressionable age it can be a little unnerving because you aren’t sure what they are or are not picking up on. You might be trying to teach them to read and aren’t having any success. You might be trying to teach them about sharing and respect, but they might not want to share the toys they have. As a parent, it can be difficult knowing what your child is picking up on and what learning activities work and don’t work. If you’re looking for a preschool to enroll your child in to ensure they have a successful education as they go onto kindergarten, check out our curriculum or call for more information. Our number one priority is ensuring your children gets the best education possible.

Three Activities To Try With Your Child

Is your child learning to read? Are they having difficulties with learning to identify words? It can be difficult to help your child read because of your own frustrations and impatience. If your child doesn’t seem to be comprehending words easily, then try to ‘label’ all of the household items in large letters, masking tape, and posters. When you take the time to label the household objects it can be easier to help your child read by identifying the type of object.

If your child is suffering from reading difficulties and is starting to dislike reading because they don’t understand it, it might be helpful to incorporate fun going out activities. Make an afternoon out of reading. Take your child to the public library. When you take the time to visit the library once a week and encourage your child to choose a book or two or go to a reading circle they’ll begin to feel a little more independent and excited to read.

Purchase a chalkboard or a whiteboard and practice writing out different letters and reading them. This will help your child learn to read and to write. Practice with basic words like ‘cat,’ ‘dog,’ and for an especially tricky one ‘picnic.’ A whiteboard or chalkboard will help your child to read basic words and begin to spell them out.

For more tips, continue reading our blog. To enroll your child in preschool, call (772) 785-6505.