Spring has arrived and that means that Earth Day is right around the corner! After being cooped up all winter long, your child probably has spring fever and wants to go outside as much as possible. What better way to spend time outside while simultaneously helping our planet than celebrating Earth Day?

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As a way to improve your child’s development, we encourage them to continue seeking ways to grow, even when they are at home. One way you can help your child learn about his or her surroundings and the environment is to do some Earth Day activities! In today’s post, we will give you a few ideas of some fun activities that will get you and your child outside, while also promoting the preservation of our planet.

Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are both creative and fun for both you and your child! Not to mention, you can teach your child about gardening and watch as your plants grow. This activity is easy, and it results in a unique plant that your child will love.

The first thing you will need is a pot and some dirt. You can start with a simple clay pot, or you can start with an arts and crafts project where you allow your child to decorate his or her pot with paints. You will also want to collect small items and trinkets that you can place around your pot before you insert the plants. With typical fairy gardens, you may see small animals, tiny furniture, or even a few fairy figurines.

The best plants to use for a fairy garden are succulents. Most succulents are small in size, meaning they won’t overtake the figures or small trinkets that you have placed in your pot. Succulents are also perfect for children because they don’t require extensive watering, and they are not easily killed.

Once you have all the pieces you need, you can build your fairy garden! You and your child can build one together or you can build separate fairy gardens. The trick is to be creative. Use small stones, or mix and match plants to create a diverse environment.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Children love scavenger hunts, and for a rainbow scavenger hunt, all you need is the outdoors and a camera. Take your child outside and tell him or her to find something that represents each color of the rainbow. For example, your child can take a picture of the grass for green, or a stop sign for red. Not only will your child have fun looking for different objects, but it will get him or her outside enjoying the fresh air. If you want to make the task more difficult, tell your child that he or she can only use items that are found in nature.

At Ivy League Academy, we make it our mission to improve your child’s development through our child care programs and after-school activities. If you are looking for a child care center and school that will help your child grow not just academically, but socially, artistically, and physically, then you want Ivy League Academy. Contact us today!