Fall is finally here! And we’re very excited about it! The smell of hot cider, homemade applesauce, the many different things you can do with pumpkins, and all the activities you can participate in during fall with your kids. Whether you like taking your children to pumpkin patches or to corn mazes, autumn is a great time to engage in some fun activities with your kids no matter if they are in kindergarten and beyond or if they are toddlers.

Activities To Do With Your Kids

In today’s blog, we are providing some fun fall activities you can try with your child. Of course, you can always go above and behind with these activities, but they are a good starting point to get your feet wet with autumn activities. Even though we’re located in Florida, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy indulging in some fun autumn hobbies.

Pumpkin Pie Playdough

The first activity you can try is making pumpkin pie playdough. Everyone loves pumpkin pie and now, you can take it a step behind to creating something enjoyable to play with. First, pumpkin pie playdough smells amazing! It’s almost like a pumpkin pie is cooking in your home and it smells like fall. Even though we’re in Florida, we can still enjoy the smells of fall with this classic autumn dessert. You’ll want to create the play dough with cornstarch, pumpkin pie spice, and a can of pumpkin. Mix everything together and once it’s at the right consistency, have your kids play with it. You can also use fall stencils and stamps to provide even more creativity.

Decorate The Doors In Your Home

Now that it’s fall, it’s time to break out some decorations. These decorations will add some autumn to your Florida home. You can create your own with construction paper, markers, confetti, and other arts and crafts supplies or you can purchase some at your local store. You can concentrate on decorating one door or decorate all of the doors in your home to introduce fall.

Nature Walks For Craft Activities

Nature walks are so much fun and when you pick up some fallen debris, you’ll be able to do your own arts and crafts. This activity can be paired with decorating your doors to bring some actual fall to your home instead of just decorations. You can visit a park or walk around your neighborhood with a basket and pick up fallen leaves and other natural debris to use as stamps for arts and crafts or to create a collage with.

Make Fall Treats

Mmmmm can you smell that? That pumpkin-ey smell or the aroma of hot cider and cooking apples taking over your home. The best way to introduce autumn into your home in Port St. Lucie is to brew up some tasty hot cider, make your own applesauce, or bake a myriad of items from pumpkins. From pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to homemade applesauce, you’ll be able to enjoy fall all the way from your nose to your tummy with your loved ones.

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