Decorate your home this holiday season with some fun arts and crafts. Regardless of the holidays you celebrate, you can find an abundance of arts and crafts to try out. From making ornaments to wreaths for Kwanzaa, you can incorporate these fun activities into your weekend as we get closer to the holidays. One of the most fun activities around the holiday season is to decorate your home and now, you and your child can add your own splash of creativity. For more information on the effect of creativity on your child, read Creativity In Early Childhood Education.

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Arts And Crafts To Try For The Holidays

Make Ornaments

If you set up a tree, then it’s a must-try that you create ornaments with your child. Your child can look back years later to see the cute ornaments they made when they were in kindergarten. There are so many great ways to make homemade ornaments. From creating marble painted ornaments to reindeer ones, you can pick out some great ideas you’d like to implement on your tree. Even if neither you nor your child are the most artistic, it’s important for a child to tap into their creative side to strengthen his or her mind. You can try making sequined balls with colorful sequences as well as a Styrofoam ball. If you want a colorful and puffy ornament, then try out the pom pom balls or a fabric scrap one. Regardless of the type you decide on, this project will be a joy to do with your child.

Make A Dreidel

If you celebrate Hanukkah, then you and your family can enjoy making dreidels. Like with ornaments, you have the ability to make a wide variety of types from paper, clay, or even wood if you want to get a little creative. You can draw out and then build a dreidel, or you can take one that is already made and draw on it. Depending on how creative you want to get, you can dive into a wide variety of ways to design a dreidel. From wood to clay, you’ll enjoy making a dreidel with your family this holiday season.

Make A Wreath

If you celebrate Kwanzaa, then you can try to make a handprinted wreath. The colors of Kwanzaa are red, black, and green, so that’s what you’ll want to use on your wreath. Made from construction paper in the shape of hands, this wreath is an adorable way to decorate your home. You can make an outline of your child’s handprints in each color and then make them into a circle to hang on a door or just on the wall.

We hope you have a great holiday season, and we look forward to seeing what other arts and crafts your children create. To enroll in the Ivy League Preschool, contact us.