IF YOU HAVENT VOTED YET PLEASE VOTE TODAYTODAY is your last day to vote. The polls are open 7 AM to 7 PM and you MUST vote at your local precinct.

If you are not sure where your precinct is to cast your vote click on the link below to the FL Elections Dept.. You will enter your name and date of birth and when you get to the page with your current voting information on the right side is the link to your precinct/ voting site .


You will need a current photo ID to vote, you will NOT need your voter registration card. If you do not have a valid photo ID they are still required to allow you to vote but it will be by Provisional Ballot only.

Acceptable valid and current forms of ID include:
• Florida driver license
• Florida identification card
• Retirement Center ID
• Public Assistance ID
• Neighborhood Association ID
• US Passport
• Military ID
• Student ID
• Debit or credit card

If you received an absentee ballot you can take it to your precinct tomorrow and forfeit it where you will be given an election day ballot to cast your vote. If you lost your absentee ballot you can still vote tomorrow at your precinct. Just let them know you lost your absentee ballot and they are required to give you a provisional ballot so you can vote.
It also is important to remind you that CHARLIE CRIST has sided with the Florida Teachers Union and School Board Association in their lawsuit to bring an end to the Step Up for Students scholarship program.

The Miami Herald wrote about Crist siding with the Union who want to shut down the program and the schools that serve Step Up students.

Miami Herald Article Crist Position on Scholarship Lawsuit

To see Rick Scott’s position on the lawsuit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al1CDYrdfq4

Please vote tomorrow if you have not already voted and please vote for those who Stand with Step Up for Students not those who stand with the UNION and others who want to take away our school choice.