Have you ever wondered why children are constantly asking the question “why?” Preschool aged children’s minds are constantly working and processing information and they grow older and more mature and learn more about the world they are able to better process and understand the things they do. Preschool in Port Lucie designed a curriculum aimed to stimulate a child’s cognitive development and interest in learning at this exciting busy age to help set the stage for success in high school.  Cognitive development is the process by which a child learns to reason, solve problems, and to think consciously. Cognitive development allows preschool age children ages 3 to 4 to develop their own questions about the world around them and how it works.

These activities help a child’s brain development and help them understand more complex thoughts and processes as they grow. Preschool helps promote cognitive development and prepare young children for the challenges ahead like math, reading, critical thinking, and problem solving. In preschool, children begin learning the basics of numbers, letters, vocabulary, and speech which are the skills needed to learn to read and write in elementary school. Cognitive development in early childhood can indicate success in the later school years, as children who develop cognitive skills have proven to be better readers in life. Our staff takes pride in being able to shape your child in all the best ways to ensure they soar into the future and make your proud of all the accomplishments that await them.