Kindergarten has changed through the years, chances are when you were old enough to go you went to the public school around the corner or the religious school you could catch the bus to. For your parents, the choice of schools was probably pretty simple. Those days are gone because today, education is a complex and compelling topic in our national dialogue. Questions about school quality, accountability, curriculum, and teacher training arise each day and we explore those questions in many different ways. Unfortunately, what this means for you as you try to decide the best school for your child is that you have to do research. Choosing kindergarten in Port St. Lucie is one of the most important decisions you will make. The distinction between public and private schools is no longer as straightforward as it once was. Here are a few advantages of private schools:

  • School and classes tend to be smaller

    • Many experts feel that children are less likely to get lost in the shuffle if they attend a smaller school.

  • Less Bureaucracy

    • Private schools don’t have to abide by certain state regulations, they spend less time on mandated paperwork and more on instruction. Also, they are not compelled to focus on test scores which gives teachers more autonomy in the classroom.

  • Parent involvement is strong

    • Not only do private schools encourage parental participation, but it’s also true that the parents of private school students tend to be extremely committed to having a say in their child’s education.

We are firm believers that private education is the best way to prepare your child for future academic success.