Every parent wants to set their child on a path for academic success. Here at the Ivy League Preschool Academy, our Port St. Lucie preschool strives to do just that. We strongly believe that one of the biggest benefits your child (and you) can find in our preschool is the foundation for social and emotional development.

Social & Emotional Development Sets Your Child On Course For Academic Success

Young children need to feel cared for and safe with a teacher or caregiver in order to learn. While you may feel like your little one isn’t quite old enough to leave home and go to preschool in Port St. Lucie, the opposite is actually true. Generally, children who are three years of age are able to spend time away from their parents and build safe and trusting relationships with adults who are outside the family setting.

Ivy League Preschool Academy’s High Quality Preschool Programs

Your child needs a high quality preschool program in order to set him or her up for success and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Ivy League Preschool Academy. Our programs not only help to nurture warm relationships among your child and other peers, but also with teachers and parents. You can count on our preschool teachers to build a close and personal connection with each and every child for whom they care.

Children Need Consistent Care Between Home And School

Children thrive the most when there is consistency between care at home and care at school. We know that you’re the expert when it comes to your child and his or her needs. That’s why we value daily and weekly reports on your child’s activities and growth. We also encourage regular meetings with parents so that we’re able to have more in-depth conferences about your child and his or her development. Our teachers work with parents to understand and respect their child-rearing values and goals.

Your Young Child Learns Emotional Self-Control And Social Skills In “Real Time”

Young children learn their emotional self-control and social skills in “real time.” Children who are three and four years of age learn through their experiences. Great teachers make time for these teaching moments, where they can help children navigate through their frustrations or anger. They won’t automatically step in and resolve your child’s conflict for him or her, but rather watch from a distance to indirectly help your child work out their own issues and only intervene when they need to. We never shame young children but rather encourage them to notice how their aggressive or hurtful behavior is impacting other children.

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