Please Support Florida School Choice and Step Up for Student Scholarships and McKay Scholarship Programs the Letter will have more information on how to get involved

September 12, 2014

Dear Parents,

As you know, we will defend your children’s scholarship from this terrible lawsuit filed by the teachers’ union and the Florida School Boards Association. This involves defending it not only in the court of public opinion, but in a court of law as well.

Fortunately, the courts allow families to be heard. They allow families to “intervene” in the case as defendants. This helps the court understand all the good this scholarship program does for families.

I need your help. Do you have a child on Step Up, AND ANOTHER CHILD in either:

• McKay Scholarships

• A Charter School

• Or the new Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts?

If so, please reply to this email NOW, and I’ll tell you how you can help.


Please email me today.

For the kids,


Catherine Durkin Robinson

Executive Director

Florida Voices for Choices



PS. Text VOICES to 52886 for timely updates!