dreamstime_xxl_52053770Did you know that many states in the U.S. don’t require children to attend kindergarten? In these specific states, children aren’t required to attend school full time until they’re six years of age, and at that time, they’re able to start first grade. Unfortunately, these children are losing out on many benefits they could derive from kindergarten by skipping it. Here at Ivy League Preschool Academy, our private school kindergarten in Port St. Lucie, we want you to know just how important kindergarten is for your child.

Set Your Child Up For Success

If your children haven’t been in a school-structured environment yet, kindergarten will introduce them to just that. It will teach them to sit down and listen, to obey their teachers, and to get along with their peers. These skills will help your little ones adjust faster to elementary school rather than simply throwing them in. Allowing your children to become comfortable in a school environment through kindergarten will set them up to immediately be able to start first grade and start learning, rather than focusing on acclimating. Not only does kindergarten lay the groundwork for your child’s success in a learning environment, but it lays a foundation for learning in later grades, too.

Early Developmental Effects

Your child’s brain is rapidly developing, and each personal experience he or she has leaves a mark on brain development. Children experience quite a bit of growth in their frontal lobes, the area that affects planning, organization, and attention, between the ages of three and six. Attending kindergarten will essentially show your child how to learn how to learn, how to make connections, and how to focus on activities. Kindergarten also has a great deal of impact on your children’s early behavioral and social development, enabling them to learn how to appropriately behave and interact with other children at an early age.

Is your child at an age appropriate for kindergarten? Consider Ivy League Preschool Academy’s private kindergarten in Port St. Lucie. Call us today to get started!