Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is a viable option for aspiring young learners. Florida understands the importance of education, and we are fortunate to have a program like VPK. Free VPK in Port St. Lucie is available to any child that will be 4-years-old by September 1 who is interested in getting a jump start on education.

Florida VPK is not accepting applications if your child is born on or after the 2nd of September 2011.

The most important brain development happens at a very young age. Children that are not able to read by third grade are highly likely to not graduate high school and remain nearly illiterate for life. Moreover, strong foundations can be made before the age of five that pave a path of success in school. By starting to learn educational foundations such as pre-reading, pre-math, social skills, and language skills, children are able to take new information and expand, as opposed to trying and building the foundation at the exponentially fast pace of which schools now function.

There are many benefits for enrolling your children in free VPK at Ivy League Preschool Academy. Alongside the positive features of the VPK program in general, enrollment at ILPA means your child will be surrounded with like-minded children and peers that can serve as strong role models.

Most of all, the free VPK programs in Port St. Lucie foster a love for learning. School should not be a chore, so let’s do everything we can to help children see the beauty in education.