Finding the perfect preschool in Port St. Lucie is an personal choice that parents should only make after careful consideration. Experts across the country note that sending children to preschool is an incredibly important aspect of childhood. There is a major difference between preschool and childcare and the distinction should be known to all parents.

Whether or not you are debating sending your child to preschool, it is important to note that early childhood education is incredibly important. Preschool is a place that children will become exposed to numbers, reading, shapes, proper socialization, sharing, & much more. Your child is likely to become more social and more independent when they attend the proper preschool. Preschool is also a place that children will increase their vocabulary, enrich their reading skills, and become familiar with basic mathematics. Children who attend preschool have a much better educational foundation as they continue on in life.

Childcare on the other hand does not focus on early childhood education. Childcare centers are a place in which children can be cared for during the working day. At a childcare center infants, babies, and toddlers are accepted and cared for simultaneously. Typically there is no educational activities that children are encouraged to participate in throughout the day. A childcare center that is not spearheaded by an experienced and professional teacher will not give your child the necessary educational guidance that a preschool offers.

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