Preschool is a fundamental time for youngins here in Port St. Lucie which is why Ivy League Preschool Academy focuses on giving children a strong, educational foundation. The first thing to keep in mind when trying to teach children (no matter what subject or life task) is to make it interesting. As adults, we find it difficult to stay focused – and that’s after many years of practice and training. Children’s minds are very curious, and the best way to teach children is to apply the topic to their interests.

We have different curriculum programs for different age groups so that children are learning what is developmentally appropriate. Our main curriculums are The Creative Curriculum® and High Reach Learning.

The Creative Curriculum®

This curriculum is structured for our youngest learners: infants, toddlers, & twos. We have been using this curriculum for many years because it truly helps these young minds understand some cultural norms. Have you thought twice about the appropriate way to stand in line or when to do certain tasks during the day? Sure, it’ll take you a second to think things through, but these young children do not understand any of these concepts that seem second nature to us now. The Creative Curriculum has engaging games and activities that teach norms like daily routines and appropriate behavior.

High Reach Learning

This curriculum is provided by Ivy League Preschool Academy to ensure your children are setup for educational success. We’ve found that kids are eager learners due to a natural instinct to be curious. High Reach Learning strives for the highest potential in each student. By setting high standards for education at a young age, children build a strong foundation for long-term success. While High Reach Learning has high standards, the independent lessons are easy to follow and engaging. We believe in the well-rounded student, and that’s what you’ll get with High Reach Learning.

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