Finding the right preschool in Port St. Lucie for your child does not have to be a struggle. As a parent I am sure that you have heard both sides of the story; preschool does not matter, preschool does matter, etc. Well, it has been scientifically proven that early childhood education helps a student thrive throughout the rest of their educational years.

Preschool has yet to become standardized across the country. You may choose to let your child skip preschool and attend school beginning in kindergarten. This is especially true for lower to middle class families that cannot afford to pay for a preschool education. Preschool attendance is at its highest for upper middle class and well to-do families that can afford the tuition.

For the families of children that choose to skip preschool they may be surprised to know that their children may not be prepared for school. Children learn necessary skills during their preschool years that will serve them well through kindergarten and first grade. Children who arrive to school without proper coping or learning skills tend to have a higher dropout rate. Preschool age student learn how to follow direction, work together or independently, share. They also learn how to become socially and emotionally prepared to move on in their schooling. Without the help of preschool these traits may not be fully developed.

As a parent it is your choice whether or not to send your child to preschool. Help your child prepare for their future with a preschool program that is tailored to their learning levels. Ivy League Preschool Academy will help your child become more independent and emotionally ready for school.