School can be a stressful time in every parent’s life. We understand that life is busy! Because of this, we offer one of the best day care options in Port St. Lucie, so that you don’t have to stress about running errands and getting things done. Does this sound like a great idea?

If you have never put your child in day care before, it’s okay!  Day care at the Ivy League Preschool Academy is not only popular, but it is healthy for kids. You may feel guilty for dropping your child off at day care, but it is time for every parent to know that it is far more okay than you may think. Not only is day care healthy for the children who attend, but also the parents! According to a recent and popular study performed by JAMA Psychiatry, the following six benefits have been discovered:

  1. Children seem to have less emotional problems! Not only does it help with separation anxiety, but children and parents will learn how to make friends outside of each other.

  2. There’s an opportunity to grow. When you enroll your child in the Ivy League Preschool Academy day care, their future will be bright! Your child will be able to take advantage of socialization opportunities, affection and stimulation with toys and group activities! It will also be a much easier transition to school once they are old enough.

We’re not finished yet! Though we have run out of time today, look for our next blog with the final four benefits of day care.