If you’ve been following our blog series, then you already know that the Ivy League Preschool Academy has started giving parents the six benefits of enrolling your child in our day care program in Port St. Lucie. Besides kindergarten and preschool classes, we also have a day care program like no other. Keep reading to learn the last four benefits of enrolling your child in day care today!

  1. We understand that kids get sick a lot! Studies have shown that if you enroll your child into day care, they will have a stronger immune system later in life and will be less sick during the important days of schooling, like elementary school.

  2. Your child’s brain will be bigger. Studies have also shown that children who attend day care on a regular basis early on in their childhood have a higher intellectual level.

  3. Can you say better behavior? One of the most important aspects of putting your child into day care early on in their education is that they will know how to socialize. This means that they will learn how to solve problems, share and be team players with others. In conclusion, better behavior will happen.

  4. Lastly, mom and dads are more likely to have less stress! Lighten up your stress by taking your child to our day care a few times a week. If the parents are happy, the child will be happy too!

To learn how you can enroll your child into our great day care program in Port St. Lucie, visit us online today!