1. The Importance of Preschool & Cognitive Development

    Have you ever wondered why children are constantly asking the question “why?” Preschool aged children’s minds are constantly working and processing information and they grow older and more mature and learn more about the world they are able to better process and understand the things they do. Preschool in Port Lucie designed a curriculum aimed to stimulate a child’s cognitive development a…Read More

  2. Difference Between Preschool & Childcare

    Finding the perfect preschool in Port St. Lucie is an personal choice that parents should only make after careful consideration. Experts across the country note that sending children to preschool is an incredibly important aspect of childhood. There is a major difference between preschool and childcare and the distinction should be known to all parents. Whether or not you are debating sending your…Read More

  3. Benefits of Preschool in Port St. Lucie

    Finding the right preschool in Port St. Lucie for your child does not have to be a struggle. As a parent I am sure that you have heard both sides of the story; preschool does not matter, preschool does matter, etc. Well, it has been scientifically proven that early childhood education helps a student thrive throughout the rest of their educational years. Preschool has yet to become standardized ac…Read More

  4. Why Preschool Is So Important For Your Child

    Since 1998 the Ivy League Preschool Academy of Port Saint Lucie has been nurturing, educating, and caring for children in our community. We're passionate about touching the lives of children and providing them with the educational foundation they need to put them on the path of lifelong learning through our preschool in Port St. Lucie. You may be thinking that your child is way too young to star…Read More

  5. Child Care Service that Prepares Students for the Future in Port St. Lucie, FL

    Are you like most parents who only want the best child care service they can find for your little ones here in Port St. Lucie, FL? Lucky for you, our Ivy League Preschool Academy is top rated by many parents because of our outstanding preschool, kindergarten and pre K classes we offer. At our child care center we strive to be the best and give your kids nothing less than greatness. You can expect …Read More

  6. Unbeatable Child Care Service in Port St. Lucie Fl

    Are you searching for child care service in Port St. Lucie, FL? Ivy League Preschool Academy could be the perfect place for you growing child. We are a the premier preschool that can offer you child the best education that is out there! We are full of Pre K and Kindergarten students who love to play and learn more about the world. We are a community who love giving your children fresh and awesome …Read More

  7. Number One Child Care Center in Port St. Lucie, FL

    Are your children excited to get started with school? At Ivy League Preschool Academy in Port St. Lucie, Fl we have classes for infants, pre-k, VPK, as well as after school programs and camps.  Here we strive to give your children the best curriculum you can find for all of the child care services that we have to offer. We take pride in our programs here and are proud to say that kids love coming…Read More

  8. Inviting Child Care Services In Port St. Lucie, FL

    Are you looking for a child care service in Port St. Lucie, Florida? Here at Ivy League Preschool Academy, we have many different services available. Different services include daycare, preschool, pre K, and kindergarten. Our school had been dedicated to educating and caring for children from our great community for over 12 years. We love the work we do. It is very rewarding being able to touch th…Read More