1. Do You Know How Important Kindergarten Is?

    Did you know that many states in the U.S. don’t require children to attend kindergarten? In these specific states, children aren’t required to attend school full time until they’re six years of age, and at that time, they’re able to start first grade. Unfortunately, these children are losing out on many benefits they could derive from kindergarten by skipping it. Here at Ivy League Prescho…Read More

  2. Kinetic Kindergarten Methods

    Full and part-time programs are amazing here and offer a lot as a kinetic kindergarten method. Plus, Ivy League Preschool has a staff full of very intelligent and experienced young professionals. They also have other flexible programs that include breakfast, lunch and snacks included!…Read More

  3. Kindergarten with Kindness

    Norman LaCombe started in the Preschool business back in 1991 and it's been doing very well ever since. Plus, there has been many of his school’s graduates move on to become successful students. This is the place for a kindergarten to bloom with it's kindness at heart!…Read More

  4. We have a very kind Kindergarten

    We are Ivy League Preschool Academy and we have a very kind Kindergarten. Our youngest learners use a high-quality curriculum for children in child care, daycare or preschool. This is in use for age’s birth through five from High Reach Learning provides many opportunities for active exploration.…Read More

  5. Kindergarten has NEVER BEEN BETTER

    I wish I could go back to kindergarten myself after seeing how cool and how smart this kindergarten school is. They have so many activities and applicative methods it will brighten up any child's day. Give them a chance to evolve your child's mind and your child will most likely come home and teach you something. I think you'll find them to be ahead of their times and I was completely blown away w…Read More

  6. The Right Strategies for your little one in Kindergarten

    In this day and age, there are so many private schools and public schools out there. Most of them have different ways in which they approach the learning curriculum and strategies to which they provide their nurturing care. Well I can tell you that Ivy League Preschool Academy is full of wonderful teachers and nurturers. They have the insight, intelligence and down-right ethics to give your little…Read More

  7. Searching for the perfect Kindergarten Program?

    Have you been searching for the perfect Kindergarten Program? Then search no further because you ended up on the right blog. I'm here to personally testify that the Ivy League Preschool has an amazingly intelligent Kindergarten Program. It illuminates the beauty and innocence of the spirit belonging to children. They take full advantage of this by shaping their minds to better interpret informatio…Read More

  8. A very influential KINDERGARTEN

    We are a team of professionals that absolutely loves what we do on a day to day basis. We can't wait to get up to take care of your kids and do it with enthusiasm. We promise that your kids will actually look forward to going to school just after one day here. You can enroll now to get this limited summer camp offer. You can pay for 9 weeks and you'll get the 10th for free! Give us a call at 772-7…Read More