1. The Child Care Service with GREAT CREDENTIALS

    This place is absolutely spectacular with everything they provide your child once enrolled. They'll give your kid a daily breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, infant formula and food when need be. They have a high quality professional staff educating, nurturing and caring for children. Their staff has a lot of years of experience and are always learning themselves, about new ways to educate, which u…Read More

  2. The Child Care Service to be ADMIRED

    I think all of us parents know how it's never too early to start learning. It's imperative that parents know the full details of giving their kids the right information at the right age. Your kids are sponges and it's in their future interest to learn the basic elements of reading, writing, math and science at an early age. They can absorb more than you know and that's where Ivy League Preschool A…Read More