1. Proper Nutrition In Our Port St. Lucie Preschool Fuels Success

    Spring Break is here and our camp is filling up quickly. Our preschool in Port St.Lucie wants your child to have a memorable and educational week. It is our commitment to put the fun into learning so kids will be eager to seek out more knowledge on their own. While they are enjoying their vacation we can take care all of the details so you don’t have to. We treat every child as if they were are …Read More

  2. Difference Between Preschool & Childcare

    Finding the perfect preschool in Port St. Lucie is an personal choice that parents should only make after careful consideration. Experts across the country note that sending children to preschool is an incredibly important aspect of childhood. There is a major difference between preschool and childcare and the distinction should be known to all parents. Whether or not you are debating sending your…Read More

  3. The Choicest Child Care Service

    Let the Professionals at Ivy League Preschool Academy give you the choicest child care service you ever thought possible. We will provide your child with a safe, fun, & exciting Educational Experience that will make them extremely smart adults someday. We encourage you to at least come in for a tour of our facilities and see how we make kids into very eager learners everyday!…Read More

  4. A Colossal Child Care Service

    The Ivy League Preschool Academy of Port Saint Lucie has been nurturing small children for a long time and doing it very well. They are especially good at educating and caring for children in the community for 12 years. They are a colossally stunning child care service that is breaking new ground every year with technology in the classroom.…Read More

  5. Child Care Service of the FUTURE is here TODAY

    These staff members understands the challenges of continually thinking of fresh and new ideas. Even though this school was only established 15 years of ago, they are revolutionizing the approaches, ethics, and mentalities in regards to creating better learners. Their students are without a doubt growing exponentially in terms of reasoning and social skills. This is the Child Care Service of the fu…Read More

  6. Fall Childcare Services in Port St. Lucie

    ILPA offers programs for all ages of kids - Infants childcare, to childcare for toddlers, preschool and pre-kindergarten, as well as Kindergarten and First Grade! Right now we're in the middle of Summer programs, but it is not to early to start talking about Fall Enrollment for our free Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten as well as our Private Kindergarten and First Grade programs. Find out more about our…Read More

  7. A Child Care Service with all the RIGHT INGREDIENTS

    This place is absolutely amazing and they are full of great personalities. This is the Child Care Service with all the right ingredients. Their programs are designed to introduce and expand on numerous subjects. These subjects include Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Music. Fortunately, the daily schedule in each classroom allows for large group, small group, and individual ac…Read More